​​Suzie's Gluten Free Kitchen


The New

We use a variety of gluten free flours including brown rice (ground on site), sweet brown rice (ground on site), teff, sorghum, coconut, almond, arrowroot, tapioca, millet, amaranth, quinoa, pure oat flour (ground on site), potato starch

Are you peanut/nut free?

why do you need two business days notice for orders?

What is the difference between vegan and dairy free?

What flour do you use?

Where can I find your products?

​While many of our products are peanut/nut free, however, we are not a nut free facility.  We are nut aware meaning all products containing nuts will be clearly marked.  We buy our ingredients from allergen free facilities when possible. All proper cleaning and sanitization procedures are followed. 

​You will find our products at Nadia's Market on Glenndale Ave in St Catharine's, Your Deli Polonez on Facer Street in St. Catharine's, and with Marci's Bakery Label at the Mustard Seed Coop in Hamilton.

​You will also find our bread at Station One Coffee House (for sandwiches) and Elm Street Café. Buns and desserts at The Forty Public House and Hippocrates Daughter Vegan Bistro.  The Lord Nelson in Burlington also uses dinner rolls for their gluten free clients.

Is Everything gluten free?

Dairy free has no dairy, vegan has no dairy, eggs, meat, honey or gelatin

​Yes, everything is gluten free.  Even the employee lunches.​

We require two business days notice because everything we make is from scratch and fresh.  It is not kept in the freezer, and does not come from a can.